Data visualisation


Adam Cooke, North Wales School of Art & Design
Liz Edwards, HighWire, Lancaster University

5–6.11.2012, 10.00–18.00, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

Admission free.
Registration open until October 28th.
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Workshop language: English

What will it be about?
The workshop will be an introduction to the basics of visualisation using the processing language. With no prior coding experience necessary we aim to assess current data visualisation practise, establish emerging trends and build from scratch a variety of works that can be used in many different formats and contexts. First we will explore a number of ways we can read data, from small local databases via xml, through to large databases published by local Katowice agencies. Then we will construct visuals with a variety of outputs for the proposed audiences in question, documenting the process as we go along.

New knowledge?
New knowledge will be acquired through collaborative workshop practice. An established set of coding principles which will assist designers, artists, NGO’s and social scientists in understanding and promoting open data projects in the future. This will be delivered via the open source language of Processing. Participants will cover flat graphics for print export and touch on further interactive possibilities.

Who the workshop is aimed at?
Artists and designers who wish to learn more about open data visualisation and information graphics. Those who work with data (NGOS, scientists etc) and wish to find out ways to communicate their findings through various front end solutions.

Required knowledge experience/skills
An enthusiasm for the open data project is all that is necessary. Failure is encouraged.

Required equipment
Access to a pc/laptop would be necessary, however there is the chance to collaborate/share where possible.